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The von Rundstedt network and the Executive Contacts were not only helpful in my career transition, they continue to be useful in my new position as managing director.

My dismissal came as a shock. Today I’m glad it happened, because I’m successful in my new position and can realise my full potential. I know what I can do well, and I’m getting ahead.

Now I have a job that’s more exciting and, thanks to von Rundstedt, I’ve made great strides at the personal level as well.

Promoting Talent

We prepare people for their new career steps
and actively support them in the search for a suitable career position.

Senior Executive Solutions

From executive to executive at eye level

We’ll analyse your situation and give you personal advice on finding a new job. You can expect practical, targeted help.


Lost your job? Lost your direction and bearings? Looking for work?

We will analyse your situation and help you find a new position by means of systematic Job Hunting and networking.

Talent & Career Center

Take your career into your own hands!

Discover your potential and work with us to develop a personal career plan. We will activate our networks, open doors and take action to ensure that you move ahead in your career.

von Rundstedt is the exclusive career management partner of the HSG alumniof the University of St. Gallen. We provide career services to the HSG alumni in Switzerland and abroad.

Our credo in
working with clients

Every client
is a reference

Our goal is to have satisfied, successful clients. We want to acquire each of you as an active reference. For that reason, we are completely honest and open about what you can expect from us. Working together, we will ensure that you achieve your objectives.

All the way
to your goal

We will help you set realistic, specific goals and do all within our power to ensure that you achieve them. In a marathon, we will not abandon you half way; we will stay with you to the finishing line. We never give up and are determined to go that ‘extra mile’ for you.

Developing talents –
our passion

Our passion is to help people develop their talents and abilities, and when they work with us they do feel this. Let us put our energy and know-how to work for your personal development. Your success is what makes us happy.

Unconventional and creative

From us you can expect proven methods and meaningful processes – but you will not receive ‘run-of-the-mill’ solutions. The key to career success is different for each and every client. We combine well-tested solutions with creative approaches, and we are ready to take an unconventional, unplanned course if it is necessary for your success.