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Our Vision

Dr. Pascal Scheiwiller




We are transparent, we walk the talk, we keep our promises, we are fully reliable, we place great value on fairness and respect.


We want each client to be successful, each goal to be achieved, each project to be effective and each client to be an active reference – therefore we are going many extra miles on behalf of our clients.


We do things differently, we challenge standards, we disrupt markets, we continuously develop new approaches, we invest in market research.


We are market driven, we focus on the individual client target market activities, we customise everything for clients and customers, we find the most effective way for each client, we are agile.


We care for our clients and customers, we go the extra distance, we deliver more than expected, we work in a client-centric manner; client happiness and satisfaction is our purpose.

Our Team

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Offices Switzerland

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Offices international

The Career Star Group is the premier provider of Outplacement and Redeployment Services around the world – including the local market leaders. von Rundstedt is a founding member of the Career Star Group. The Career Star Group is represented in over 100 countries with +1’000 service locations with over 2’000 consultants. We have carefully selected the best organisation in each geographic location, experts who share a common vision and embrace our strict quality standards. Our members have profound expertise in our services and in their local regional practices and language. Each member organisation represents an entire country or multi-country region. Members are adept at providing consistency of service across multiple regions. Our members share a global reporting and management platform, which allows us to provide you with a single point of contact for project coordination and status information. We guarantee local expertise in every country in which we operate. Our people genuinely know and understand the local customs and cultures enabling us to deliver the very best global career transition, outplacement, and redeployment services.
You can find us in these countries:


The ability to network as well as the strength of one’s own network have become critical success factors in the reality of today’s business world. This is why von Rundstedt Switzerland has placed the skill of networking on centre stage. In addition to teaching our clients how to successfully engage with a network, we have been instrumental in initiating, managing and connecting networks specific to relevant industries, functions or subjects. These communities include the International HR Community of Switzerland, the Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland, the International Pharma Community, the von Rundstedt Alumni Network and the von Rundstedt Customer Network. In conjunction with the personal and professional network of von Rundstedt’s own staff, these groups make up the von Rundstedt ecosystem.

Network partners

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Klaus Uhl

Your contact for companies

Klaus Uhl | Regional Director