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… Invest in your future. You have a job, but you feel like you can’t get ahead. You lack motivation and don’t see any development opportunities. You would like to change something, but don’t know exactly what or don’t see the way to do it. Our career advisors work with you to identify your competencies and skills. Our market experts assess your positioning. Define your desired goal and work out development opportunities, communication strategies and an action plan together with the career advisor. Communicate successfully with potential employers, expand your network and learn how to position and market yourself successfully in the Swiss labour market. Secure your employability and invest in your market value. Use our services to position yourself optimally and prepare for changes in the labour market. Find the position that you enjoy and that will help you grow professionally and personally. Design your individual programme according to your needs and budget – we will support you.

For Jobseekers

… to make your job search a success. You are looking for a new position. You have already written applications, but so far you have not been successful. You either are not invited to interviews or drop out after the first round. You are not aware of the developments on the job market or only vaguely aware of them. You are not sure which position suits your skills. You need support and tips to help you stand out from the competition. Our market knowledge, the support and commitment of our career advisors and the entire network of the von Rundstedt team will bring you successfully to your desired position. We show you what a successful CV looks like and support you in communicating your successes. Prepare your next job interview with us so that you convince and leave a lasting impression. Our offer consists of individual sessions, workshops, high-impact trainings combined with digital tools. Design your individual programme according to your needs and budget – our market expert will support you.

For Athletes

There is a life after competitive sport. This should be prepared so that the leap into the business world is successful. That’s why it’s important to think about working life after your active sports career and to actively shape it. Think about which of your skills are in demand in the business environment. What further training can you already do during your career – i.e. dual training – so that your competencies profile is convincing. Cultivate contacts outside of sport and leave your personal business card early on. Be convincing in your appearance and signal your interest in building a second career. Tailor-made offers for athletes, adapted to individual needs, enable early preparation for a further career in sport, in the private sector or the step into self-employment. A dedicated team of active and former athletes, senior consultants and labour market experts support athletes, coaches, officials, agents, clubs and sports institutions in actively developing their professional careers at an early stage, thus bridging the gap between sport and business.B24

For Executives

… Invest in your future as an executive. You have a job, but see little potential for development. You want to change, but find it difficult to position yourself in the small executive market? Secure your employability and invest in your market value. Executives often have specific needs and priorities in their career counselling. They need an executive advisor at eye level as well as access to a specific network. Being known in the market sometimes makes it difficult for them to reposition themselves. That is why strategy and tactics play an important role here. The Boardroom is your exclusive career partner. We provide expert advice, support and guidance to executive board members, senior executives and senior managers at all stages of career reorientation. We help you to realise your potential and sharpen your professional profile. Benefit from our market and consulting experience, our commitment and our executive network. You have access to the Career Star Group’s Global Executive Community. This network offers you the opportunity to network with other executives worldwide. Design your individual programme.

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