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Athletes, coaches, officials

As an athlete, coach or official, you know the importance of clear goal setting and precise planning of the various steps towards the goal. You first measure the level of performance and then define the necessary measures to achieve the goal.

When you start planning your professional career, whether during or after your sports career, the process is always the same. The first step is an analysis of the current situation. The measures and necessary steps are adapted to your personal objectives and the preparations already made as well as to the conditions of the labour market.

The measures range from further education consultations, dual career guidance, market and skills checks to accompaniment into self-employment. The focus is on clear positioning, good preparation for the job market and training in communication skills.

Independently of whether you want to continue working in top-level sport, close to sport or in a completely different business: We will show you how to translate the skills you have acquired in elite sport into business language and where your competences might be in demand.

A dedicated team of experts from elite sport and business will accompany you straightforwardly and pragmatically to professional success. Benefit from our partnership with sportlifeone, an independent network of eight partner companies that is active throughout Switzerland and can provide support. You will receive a comprehensive service package that supports you during and after your sports career.

Discuss your initial situation with us and let us show you a tailor-made offer. We will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Daniela Torre

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Daniela Torre | Athlete Consultant

Agents, sports federations and institutions

As an agent, club or sports institution, you do everything you can to make sports talent successful. You support each individual on their way to the top – be it mentally, through contacts, with services around sport.

Every sports career runs differently. At some point, however, the career ends – sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected. Only very few of the young talents make the leap into the professional world. They all invest a lot – the focus is always on performance, sport and success.

With your commitment, you take responsibility for the athletes. Responsibility also means support, planning the new stage of life early on and working out a career plan early on.

Make it possible for your talents to get a location assessment, further training advice, a market and skills check or the identification of a dual career. This is in the sense of holistic support – for life in top-class sport and for the career afterwards.

Discuss your initial situation with us and let us show you a tailor-made offer. We will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Partnership with Future Champs Ostschweiz/FC St.Gallen

von Rundstedt and FC St.Gallen are doing pioneering work together. The young talents of Eastern Switzerland of the FCO (Future Champs Ostschweiz) are not only promoted athletically, but are also supported in their professional development in parallel. von Rundstedt develops a plan B on the job market with the young talents on the basis of a professional assessment. This prepares and safeguards them in the event that they do not make the leap to a professional career or have to abandon their soccer career. FC St.Gallen shows a lot of foresight and sense of responsibility here. As a partner of FC St.Gallen, we are proud to provide holistic support for the FCO’s young talents.

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Sibylle Scheiwiller | Operations Director