The large survey “Smart Working in Switzerland”

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Between December 2020 and February 2021, von Rundstedt conducted a large study on the topic of Smart Working in Switzerland under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andrea Martone (Director Research & Studies at von Rundstedt).

A large survey was also launched with 534 companies. The aim of the study and the survey is to examine the experiences and effects of home office work on work culture and company structures and processes one year after the first lockdown with compulsory home office for many employees.

Is the forced home office step in Switzerland finally leading to the new work culture long predicted by Work 4.0 and Future Work? Are we on the way to Smart Working, or are we simply teleworking from home? Are Swiss companies taking advantage of this opportunity to switch in principle and permanently to a work culture with greater flexibility and autonomy in the choice of work space, time and means? Will the pandemic shock ultimately lead to a cultural change in Swiss companies? What are the first experiences with Smart Working? Does Smart Working really lead to more productivity, efficiency, quality and better results? Are Swiss companies aware that this requires more than home offices and teleworking?


The results of this study will also be published and presented virtually via Zoom in the four languages.

Click here to register for the individual presentations:

German: 17 March 2021, 16:30 – 17:30.   Registration
Italian: 18 March 2021, 16:30 – 17:30       Registration
French: 23 March 2021, 16:30 – 17:30.     Registration
English: 24 March 2021, 12:30 – 13:30     Registration

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this virtual event and to sharing the results on “Smart Working” with you.