Impact of COVID-19 on the Swiss employment market

By 16. April 2021 No Comments

The Covid pandemic has hugely impacted how we live our lives and do business for a year now. Whole industries continue to struggle with the many restrictions put in place to combat the spread of the virus, globally and in Switzerland. But how do Swiss employers deal with this new situation?

Experts from Mercer and von Rundstedt, a leading outplacement and career services provider in Switzerland, discuss the impacts of the pandemic on employment and businesses. How has a year with the virus accelerated the digital transformation, moved large parts of the workforce into home office and decentralized the way we work?


Lutz Krepper
COO, Mercer Switzerland

Dr. Pascal Scheiwiller
CEO, von Rundstedt


– How did the pandemic impact our business
– Which options do employers have in the current environment
– What is the impact on the Swiss employment market in the long-term
– Focus on redundancies – at which point of time do they occur
– Key figures of unemployment explained