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Survey “Talent Shortage”

von Rundstedt is once again conducting a major labour market study in 2022 together with HR Today. The topic of this year’s study is the shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland: an issue with early demographic notice and often home-grown structural problems that is picking up steam again in the post-Corona growth spurt. This first survey is aimed at HR managers, HR specialists and executives from companies in all sectors. It is intended to assess the pressure of suffering and the characteristics of the shortage of skilled workers, as well as to find out strategies and approaches for dealing with it. Towards the end of the survey, we will also ask a few questions about developments in recruitment practice and general labour market trends.

The survey is structured as follows:

1. General information about you and your employer
2. Questions about the shortage of skilled workers
2.1 Affected by talent shortage
2.2 Characteristics of talent shortage
2.3 Strategies and solutions
3. Questions on general recruitment practices
4. Questions on general trends in the employment market

The survey is anonymous. Your individual responses remain completely confidential. You will need about 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.

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