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Talent & Career Center

Take your career into your own hands.

Do you want to move ahead in your career? Are you looking for a new work environment, a suitable position or a new challenge?

The days of straight-line careers are over. To get ahead, talented professionals have to be willing to take detours and change their direction. Successful careers are no longer linear; they are like mosaics and can have many dimensions. But head hunters and recruitment agencies rarely take this into account.

It’s up to you to move forward in your career. And we can assist you.

Benefit from the services of the von Rundstedt Talent & Career Center. Here you will work with your personal career consultant and your job market expert to shape your future career. You will prepare for the application process, extend your network in a systematic manner, position yourself advantageously on the market and meet exciting people who can give support. We will help by providing important contacts and opening doors; in this way accompanying you on your path to a new position.

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Three steps to success

Your path to a new position, divided into three modules:

Discover your potential by means of an assessment. Determine your goals and find out your key strengths. Together with your career consultant you will develop a number of scenarios and map out the next steps in your career. The path which you select will be based on your talents and preferences and take current market conditions into account. The key to success is to position yourself precisely and realistically.

Plan a perfect presentation and find the right market for it. Together with our experts you will draw up a plan of action, devise a search strategy and select the right tools. And with top-class reference material you will be ready for a professional market presentation.

We will use intensive networking to position you on the hidden job market. In this way you will get to know important people who can open doors for you and provide access to your target companies. Our Job Market Experts will prepare you personally for important interviews.


Thanks to discretion and good organisation, our work will not interfere with your current employment. In our offices you can rely on absolute confidentiality.

Individuality and flexibility

We are flexible and can adapt to your schedule, options and work situation. We can meet with you outside regular working hours and at informal locations. We use a variety of media and apply tools that are tailored to your individual needs.

Successful job hunting

We will help you to systematically develop your network so that you reach the right decision makers. In addition, you will be able to benefit from von Rundstedt’s networks. Together, we will search for opportunities in the hidden job market. We will check their potential and open doors for you. During this phase you will work hand in hand with your Job Market Expert.

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