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Senior Executive Solutions

Our services for senior executives

Our senior executive solutions are tailored exclusively to top executives and senior managers in major corporations who are looking for new responsibilities and challenges.

What kind of future do you envision for yourself? Do you want to become an executive with broad responsibilities, a technical manager, a business angel or a member of an administrative board? Or do you want to establish your own company? Whether you are in a secure position or have already left your previous employer, we will guide you to your next career objective.

Get face-to-face advice from an executive coach and link up with interesting key people who can help you. You will have a chance to develop and evaluate a range of different scenarios. Our executive coach will provide support and put you in touch with experts. Even if you have very little time and have considerable travel, we will find a suitable framework to help you in your transition process.

Executive to executive

We have contacts with numerous executives who are willing to serve as executive mentors or sparring partners alongside their regular work. Together we will select suitable counterparts depending on your goals and ideas. In our counselling you will not only work with your executive coach, you will make contact with other executives and connect with a variety of specialists.

An approach tailored to your needs

Thanks to our experience with executives from a wide range of industries, we know what factors are critical to successful executive counselling, and we know which methods and procedures have served well in the past. But do not expect standard procedures: our approach will depend entirely on your talents, goals and ideas. At the start of each month we will decide with you who your contacts should be. Prepare ready for the next step in your career. We will provide the perfect environment and all the necessary resources.


Discretion and confidentiality are absolute priorities with us. And they’re critical to the success of your career project. With von Rundstedt you can be sure that no information leaves our hands and that indiscretions are ruled out. Before making any contacts in our network, we discuss them with you in advance, and we monitor the flow of information with the utmost vigilance. In our Executive Suite you can enjoy total confidentiality and put your full trust in our executive coaches.

What you truly need

What you truly need

As a senior executive you are accustomed to receiving what you require. At von Rundstedt you get both what you truly need and what takes you forward. Although we fine-tune our consultation process to your situation and adapt to your needs, we will continue to challenge you and put you under professional scrutiny. You can expect honest feedback from our executive coaches and mentors. Learn from the experience of specialists and find out what they think. We wish to assist you as best we possibly can. This the only manner in which we will reach our goal together. For this reason, we think constructive debate is an essential element.

Welcome to our Executive Suite

Welcome to our Executive Suite

Our Executive Suite is available exclusively to our senior executive clients. We believe it is important for you to be able to work in your customary way when pursuing your career project. You will have a private work space and, on request, a meeting room for important confidential conversations. In addition, we will help you with all of your administrative tasks. At the outset we can discuss what kind of assistance you require and how you prefer to work. Why not visit us in our Executive Suite so that we can become acquainted? There is no obligation.

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