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Our outplacement services

Nowadays leaving a company against one’s own will is often part of a successful career. We see a time like this as an opportunity to reflect on one’s strengths and potential. And to position oneself for the next step forward. For 30 years, von Rundstedt has successfully provided outplacement services. Let us help you in your career transition.

The first step is to explore your prospects and opportunities. What are your strengths, and in what ways have you succeeded so far? This comprehensive analysis will be backed up by additional psychological tests. You will be amazed at what potential you will find in yourself as you plan your career transition. With this knowledge you will be able to sharpen your profile, discover new resources and leverage your potential. You will regain confidence in your abilities and become more self-assured. Our career consultants will help you. They will discuss your wishes, look at your situation and work with you to find out what motivates you.

Together, we will decide what direction your career should take and identify business sectors and functions that match your personal goals. Here you will benefit from our consultants’ broad knowledge of industries and markets. Once your path has been chosen, we will go to work. Together with your adviser you will draw up an individual career transition plan. You will decide what steps you want to take and at what speed. Our Job Market Experts will help you to gain access to the hidden job market. They will use their own contacts, along with those in the von Rundstedt network, in order to place you in touch with the right companies and decision makers.

What is special about Rundstedt Outplacement?

Our counselling services are extremely flexible and dynamic. We do not follow traditional approaches. You will not be forced into a pre-planned meeting cycle. Instead, you determine the speed, the areas of focus and the objectives. Our advisers are also available for spontaneous help. Consultation can be brief or more prolonged. It can take place in a meeting room, a chat room, by phone or by e-mail. Your adviser is always accessible, and all of the other experts in our team and network can be called in as needed.

The ultimate goal of every outplacement client is to find an ideal position. Our outplacement programme therefore focuses on providing active support in the search for opportunities in the job market. Thanks to our large network we are also able to explore the hidden job market. We will not be satisfied until you find the kind of position you want.

Expert team

You will have a personal career adviser throughout the outplacement process. This adviser will provide guidance, offer suggestions on important issues and see to it that you take advantage of the right resources at the right time. In this way you will be able to manage your career project efficiently. Your personal adviser will also get you in contact with people who are in an ideal position to help you further.

Our consultation model is based on the principle of the expert team. These experts are available to you at all times for advice. We put together the team to cover a wide range of careers and specialties, plus many different business sectors and companies. Maybe you are looking for a specialist in communications, social media, pharmaceuticals or banking. Or a professional who knows about family-owned companies or SMBs. Or maybe you want a coach or trainer for self-development. Whatever your needs, we will put you in touch with the right people. Take advantage of our expertise and ask to be linked up to a specialist.

Better results with job hunting

Our foremost aim is to help you find a suitable position. Our counselling service will help you find out which ones are best suited to you. And then you should be able to secure such a position. Our job hunting programme therefore also includes extra services to assist you in a systematic search for opportunities on the hidden job market. Our Job Market Experts will give you access to their own networks as well as those of von Rundstedt, thus opening doors to your target companies. They will position you on the job market and put you in touch with decision makers. What makes this approach so successful is our ability to tap into many differing networks. We know your profile and talents and are therefore able to present you in an ideal manner. This service is provided free of charge for potential employers.

Individual working and learning environment

Share ideas with others in moderated learning groups. Work with other clients on specific issues and extend your personal network. Acquire additional skills by attending regular training sessions and workshops, and ready yourself for the application process. You will find further aids on our careers portal. Take advantage of our technical infrastructure and workstations, where you can work in a professional manner on your career project. We will create a perfect working and learning environment so that you can achieve your carrier goal at the speed that is right for you. Your career adviser will help you create the optimum setting.

Guaranteed success

The only measure of our performance is your success. We want you to achieve your career goal and find a job that matches your aims and your profile. In some of our programmes we offer you a guarantee of success. This means that you will get advice and help from our Job Market Experts until you find a suitable position.

Our focus on success also means that we do everything we can from the very start to get you on the right path. You will get direct feedback, and occasionally we will challenge you. We are continually optimising the setting for consultation. We do not waste time, and we take the right steps at the right moment. This is the only way for you to move ahead in your career.

Additional services for HR departments and managers dealing with layoffs

Mass layoffs owing to restructuring are a major challenge for HR departments and managers. Layoffs are hard on everyone concerned. People often underestimate the turmoil caused by such events. Thus careful preparation and planning of all steps are very important.

We support our customers in all matters related to layoffs. An important part of this is professional preparation of managers. They not only have to talk with the employees who are being laid off, they have to keep operations running at the same time. Carefully managed communication within the company and professional conduct are critical. For cases such as these we offer layoff training and change workshops. We also provide our customers with local care teams who talk to affected employees and tend to their needs. In these situations it is extremely important to deal with those affected in a manner that is both professional and personal.

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