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von Rundstedt –
Your expert for talents and careers

Talents and careers are our core concern. On one hand, we work with our clients to develop their talents in a focused manner, plan their careers and achieve their goals step by step. On the other, we help our corporate customers fill positions for key personnel, in this way ensuring that at all times they have talented people on their staff.

Senior Executive Solutions

From executive to executive at eye level

We’ll analyse your situation and give you personal advice on finding a new job. You can expect practical, targeted help.


Lost your job? Lost your direction and bearings? Looking for work?

We will analyse your situation and help you find a new position by means of systematic Job Hunting and networking.

Talent & Career Center

Take your career into your own hands!

Discover your potential and work with us to develop a personal career plan. We will activate our networks, open doors and take action to ensure that you move ahead in your career.